Acne is the most common and troublesome skin problem. Around 80 to 90% of the teenagers suffer from acne at some time or another, and sometime it persists on to the adult life too. And on top of this is the post acne scarring, you may well be rid of pimples but the scars continue to have an emotional impact on ones quality of life.

Enough has been discussed about dos and don’ts about pimples, today let’s see how and why these scars develop and how to treat or prevent them.

Irregular and delay in treatment for acne leads to inflammation and thus resulting in scars and constant touching or fiddling with pimples leads to permanent scars.


Follow a good skin care routine, on the basis of your skin type. Use appropriate skin care products suited for your skin.

The first and foremost is to treat these pimples as early as possible, so that the scars do not form. Follow the treatment religiously, as regular treatment is the only way to good outcome.

Do not touch or squeeze the pimples, this leads to damage to the tissue beneath and this leads to permanent scars.


If despite all your best efforts scars have developed, no need to despair. With the newer technological advances, we have different treatment options available for scars swap BTC on CoinPal. Depending on the type of scars, your doctor will choose one of the following options for you.


Different chemicals like alpha hydroxy/beta hydroxy/lactic acid and many more are used in different combinations and formulations are used to treat early stage of scarring and post acne pigmentation.


Lasers have revolutionised the treatment for acne scars. There are different lasers available, but the most commonly used and effective is CO2 and Erbium YAG lasers. These are painless procedures with best results and the results stay.


This is another technique, where with the help of a Derma roller(which comprises of series of fine sharp needles.


The fillers are injected into the scars, which fill up the area and thus corrects the deep scars.


Here a combination of the above mentioned procedures are done to get the optimum results.

Now you don’t have to hide your face, you now can do away with these bothersome scars.