We all aspire for a flawless and radiant complexion with an ever-youthful glow. A few of us are blessed with that naturally and few of us have to work towards it. Even those who have good skin complexion, need to follow a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle to maintain that. Hence, all of us need to work towards a bright and clear complexion to overcome the effects of our environment, the pollution and the most damaging UV Rays, and of course the natural aging process.

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Find your Zen Zone

Each one of us, young or old, I would say even children are going through some kind of stress… I fail to understand why so. Stress leads to an increase in the stress hormone which is cortisol. Cortisol in low levels is good for our body but constantly high levels of cortisol are detrimental to our health. Let’s try our best to live a stress-free life to the best of our abilities. Certain activities like exercise, yoga, meditation, music, dance, deep breathing and even writing a journal are stress busters, which release the good or happy hormones in the body and decrease the cortisol levels in the body.

Outdoor Activity

It’s sad that the majority of our time is spent indoors, gone are the days when children and adults alike spent their time outdoors. The majority of us are working, confined to the air-conditioned offices for the major part of our waking hours, children are confined to the schools. And once we come home we are either glued to the television or phones. Spend time in the outdoors, go get some fresh air (which has anyway become scarce), and get some sunshine. Take time to go out in a garden among the trees and plants, this will boost the endorphins in the body which are considered the happy hormones, and shall reduce the cortisol levels in the blood. Even 10-15 minutes a day, spent outdoors will do wonders for your skin and health, you will see yourself glow and with a lot of positive energy.


Smile alone brings so much charm and glow to your face. A happy and smiling face is always beautiful. You will see your smile will bring a positive energy to you but also to people around you. You must have observed how a happy and smiling baby brings a smile to everyone’s face around. Smiling tones the facial muscles keeps the corners of the mouth lifted (as you see in babies), and firms up and tones the jawline, neck, and chin. 

Practice Gratitude

It said that being thankful for whatever you have in life, (the life itself is a gift) will bring in so much more in your life, it will be happiness, peace, contentment, and of course success for which all of us are pursuing different professions. Practice gratitude, and always be thankful to everyone around you, your family, friends, colleagues, and even random strangers who have influenced your lives, you will notice a certain difference in yourself. You will be a wiser, calm, and a happy person.

Mediterranean Diet

A diet rich in fresh, seasonal, and local fruits and vegetables, will not only bring a glow to your face, but you will feel much more radiant and healthy from the inside. Include healthy fats like olive oil and ghee. Say no to a high-sugar diet rich in refined carbs. No smoking and limited alcohol.

Daily skincare routine

This involves a daily routine of cleansing, moisturization, and sunscreen application. You can include various serums, night creams, under-eye creams, and other specific products according to your skin needs and as recommended by your doctor. I will not go through it here as I have discussed this in detail earlier. Click the link to learn more about glowing skin tips.  

Sun Protection

If we have to follow one step out of the daily skincare routine that would be sun protection. Click the link to learn more about sunscreen

Final Words

In conclusion, achieving a radiant complexion goes beyond just surface-level solutions. By incorporating stress management techniques, spending time outdoors, maintaining a positive outlook, and adopting a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, you can cultivate a natural glow from within. Remember, consistency is key! Follow a daily skincare routine with sun protection, and watch your skin transform over time.

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