Body Acne : Causes, Types, Prevention & Treatment

Body Acne Treatment

We all are aware of acne or pimples on the face, but acne can develop on other body parts, say back, arms, shoulders and nape of neck. I commonly see body acne in my practice. Though it commonly appears in teenagers, it may persist into the late 20’s. Though there is nothing to worry about body acne and body acne treatment but it causes stress to those who suffer from this problem.

In recent years, there is a significant increase in the number of individuals who have body acne. If i talk about myself, there is a phenomenal rise in the number of patients of body acne in my clinic for Body Acne Treatment. This could be due to lifestyle changes and the use of certain toxic chemicals in our daily household or personal care products. Few of these chemicals are known to disturb the hormone balance in the body, resulting in acne problems and need for Body Acne Treatment. This could also be the reason why acne persists beyond the teenage years into adult life.

Causes of Body Acne

Just like acne on the face, the underlying pathology of body acne is the same, it’s a blockage of the pilosebaceous unit (its unit of hair follicle along with the sebaceous gland). The blockage can lead to inflammation and infection of the pilosebaceous unit.

As we know that body acne has almost similar etiopathogenesis to acne on the face, hence the causative factors are also the same.

  1. Genetics – Certain individuals are more prone than others for body acne, here their genetic constitution is the reason, they are genetically inclined to develop acne on their body and face.
  1. Diet – We have earlier discussed the role of diet in the appearance of acne.
  1. Weight/Obesity – We have observed that the incidence of body acne is much higher in overweight or obese individuals. This could be due to their diet, lifestyle or the hormonal imbalance.
  1. Stress – Stress plays a major role in the manifestation of all skin and other health problems.
  1. Medicines – It’s well documented that certain drugs are responsible for the appearance of acne.
  1. Cosmetics – The use of certain comedogenic cosmetics, leads to the blocking of follicle openings and inflammation leading to the formation of pimples.

Types of Acne

1. Acne Mechanica 

It’s commonly seen in people who are into sports and other exercise routines, say gymming or running. The basic cause of acne is the sports outfit or clothes you wear while exercising or playing. Certain clothes trap the sweat and oil secretions from the body, leading to blockage of the follicles or oil gland openings, along with the friction caused by the rubbing of the clothes on the body, leading to skin irritation, resulting in acne. It’s not only seen on the back, but also observed on the forehead, chin, and nape of the neck, by use of helmets.

2. Acne Cosmetica

The use of certain comedogenic cosmetics, especially the hair styling products like oils, gels etc will clog the pores, resulting in acne on the forehead, neck, shoulder and upper back.

Grades of Body Acne

Body acne can be graded just like face acne into grades depending upon the severity, appearance and extent. It can be expressed as Grade 1 to Grade 4, or as mild, moderate or severe acne. The mild acne is grade 1 or 2, which appears as comedones and small papules, the moderate acne is grade 2 or 3, which appears as papule and pustules, the grade 4 is the severe form of acne which appears as papule, cysts and  nodules, which can be quite painful leading to Body Acne Treatment.

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Prevention and Body Acne Treatment 

Prevention is always better, know and understand your problem. Always work on the root cause behind your pimples, for better and long lasting results. 

Visit a dermatologist for Body Acne Treatment at the earliest, in the first stage of acne, when it is mild, as it’s easy to treat it and the results are also better. 

  1. Be regular with your Body Acne treatment and follow ups.
  1. Do not try to self treat which may lead to severe form of acne with scarring.
  1. Listen to your dermatologist’s advice, who may prescribe you local creams or lotions to apply and in case of severe acne you may have to take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  1. As i said prevention is always better, for prevention of acne, understand your problem, follow the advice  below
  2. Improve your diet, you can take the help of your dermatologist or a dietician.
  1. Stay away from health and protein supplements, especially those which are recommended by unprofessionals. Take only those supplements which are recommended by your doctor or by a professional nutritionist or dietician, who holds a degree in nutrition. Do not get carried away by the marketing gimmicks, be an informed consumer.
  1. Improve your lifestyle.
  1. Follow a regular exercise routine.
  1. Lose weight if you are overweight or obese.
  1. Managing stress by deep breathing, meditation, following a positive attitude, and regular exercise will not only help you lose weight but also keep the hormones in check as well help you de-stress from the daily hassles of life.
  1. Do remember to shower after your sporting activities, may it be gym, running or any game that you play.
  1. Change your exercise clothes immediately and wash them after each use, as trapped sweat and oil in the clothes will irritate your skin, when you wear them again.
  1. Wear loose clothes with dry fit technology.
  1. Be aware of the cosmetics that you use, read the label to know if it’s comedogenic. Always use noncomedogenic and oil-free products. Ask your dermatologist if, in any doubt, it will go a long way in managing your body acne.

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