Do you have Sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is the one which has reduced tolerance to cosmetic products and also to weather and environment. People with sensitive skin, give history of burning and itching. The symptoms vary from mild to severe. To begin with, it would be a mild discomfort and extreme of burning, stinging, swelling and redness. Most of us may feel skin irritations but a person with sensitive skin, perpetually has burning and rashes on the face even on just splashing water on face. 

What are the causes of sensitive skin? The person has over reactive immune system because of which cosmetics and the environment trigger a reaction. They have hyper nerve endings, which leads to sensitivity to wind, air conditioner, extreme weather (summer or winter) and sun. Also the skins natural defence barrier is compromised, this protective layer basically prevents the entry of cosmetics and environmental pollutants into the skin. And last but not the least is the genetic predisposition of the individual. A person with personal or family history of allergies is the one who complains of a sensitive or hyper irritable skin.

Skin care of Sensitive Skin

Gentle Cleansing :-Cleansing is essential, use gentle cleansers, which are pH balanced, non-foaming, fragrance free, paraben free, and alcohol free. 

Moisturiser:- Moisturiser is essential for all skin types, to repair. Use moisturiser meant for sensitive skin as they have silicone which protects the skin from environmental hazards.

Sunscreen :-Go for physical sunscreens which are gel based, in place of chemical sunscreens.

Cosmetics:-Use gentle but effective cosmetics. Avoid aggressive treatments like peels, scrubbing etc. Avoid products with AHA, BHA,retinoids, choose products which are alcohol free, fragrance free and paraben free. Use thermal spring water or micellar water to keep the skin calm. You can go for laser facials or laser toning under the supervision of a competent dermatologist.

Precautions for sensitive skin : – 

How to take care if you have bad skin days, like constant redness, burning or irritation. Follow the steps below.

Take a product holiday, stop all cosmetics. Then with doctors advice introduce one product at a time.

Use minimal and essential products.

Use hypoallergenic and non comedogenic products.

Avoid water proof cosmetics.

Discard old cosmetics, even if within the expiry date.

Maybe you would need few anti allergic medication to soothe and calm the skin.

Be vigilant, if you feel a particular product is causing problem, stop it immediately.

The environment could also irritate the skin, avoid extreme temperatures and sudden change in temperatures(from air conditioned room to outside or from hot outdoors to an air conditioned room). Avoid outdoor activities in the flowering or pollen season, when it’s dusty or harvesting season. Avoid hot water for washing, instead use tepid water. 

Take care. 

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