Hair is our crowning glory and we put in great efforts to have shiny, smooth and healthy hair. Different hair styles and accessories are adorned to enhance the beauty of our hair. Not only these, but there are different hair treatments offered by hair professionals. Hair straightening or re bonding is one of the commonest hair treatment being undertaken by both young and old these days.

Hair straightening was first adopted by the African population because of their hair type which were curly and frizzy, re bonding gave them smooth and straight hair. But, gradually it gained popularity amongst varied group of people, as it gave them a salon ready look all the time.

Hair re bonding is done by well trained cosmetologist or hair professionals, do check with the credentials and experience of the person before undergoing the treatment. The chemicals used for hair straightening are known as relaxers, these are alkaline in nature. These chemicals enter the hair shaft through the cuticle(which is the outermost covering of the hair) and break the hydrogen sulphide bonds and this results in permanent straightening of the hair.

There are two types of chemicals. One is lye based which is commonly used by most hair professionals as they are more effective. The second is non lye chemicals, which are present in the over the counter products, these are less irritant and not so long lasting. The lye products cause irritation to the scalp. Few hair stylists use a mixture of lye and non lye chemicals to get the full effect of straightening and also to avoid skin irritation.

The hair professional checks the degree of curliness and coarseness and porosity of the hair before deciding to use the type and combination of relaxers. The time of contact will also depend upon the type and thickness of the hair. Few stylists may apply a base in the form of emollient on the scalp, but few experienced ones may not apply the base. On an average, contact time of 10 to 20 minutes is sufficient to complete the process, a longer duration should be avoided. After the recommended contact time, the hair is thoroughly rinsed with high pressure water to wash away the chemical, all trace of the chemical should be washed off to avoid overexposure and hair damage. This is followed by neutralising shampoo, which usually comes along with the kit. This is a pH balanced shampoo with a pH range of 4 to 6. It’s meant to restore the pH of hair from alkaline to acidic.

Touch ups are needed every 8 to 12 weeks, as the new hair grow out, ideally it’s better to wait till the new hair grows up to 1.5 to 2cm. Re application of the chemicals to already treated hair should be avoided as it shall damage and further weaken the hair, leading to hair loss.

Few points to be taken care of, avoid permanent hair colouring after re bonding as it shall weaken the hair and lead to hair loss. If it has to be done, then wait for 2 to 3 weeks. Avoid high tension hair styles as tight pony tails or tight head bands, as these too shall further weaken the hair and lead to hair loss. Use the recommended pH balanced shampoos.

Happy Hair Re bonding.

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